Welcome Package is Magnetic

Our customer has a large cable company client that wanted to send out a self-mailer welcome package to new subscribers with a refrigerator magnet attached inside. The project required the expertise to fugitive glue the magnet, duplex ink jet, fold and glue shut with a turn time from data received to mail that was critical.


The sales rep called NCLA.* We engineered a way to glue affix a supplied magnet to the supplied mailer, then duplex ink jet both sides, fold, glue shut, and mail within a few days from receipt of data. All the materials were provided from our client. NCLA worked with our customer’s sales and production team, and with the USPS, to confirm the best way to achieve all the goals. Then the client changed directions and wanted a clean release card instead of a magnet on the inside. NO PROBLEM. NCLA was able to match the material for the cards, print, affix, and continue the program with barely a hitch in the schedule.


NCLA processed the weekly project with English and Spanish data files arriving Monday and mail dropping on Thursday. We took care of the data processing, proofing, ink jetting and mailing every week. Our customer sent the data in on Monday, then approved the PDF proofs on Tuesday. We processed on Wednesday, and mailed on Thursday. One of the key factors in our success, was our coordination and flexibility to handle multiple sizes along with multiple files and get the mail out every week. *

I’m not sure how I could have pulled this off without the speed, agility, and brilliance of NCLA. They worked with me and the rest of my team to keep a demanding but loyal customer happy.

D. M.Senior Sales Executive, Phoenix, AZ.


*NCLA, Inc. prides itself on being a committed strategic partner with complete confidentiality regarding all accounts.