Airline Soars with NCLA Fulfillment Program

A major printing company received an RFP from one of the nations top airlines for the fulfillment of their Frequent Flyer Program, but the quantities were too small and there were unique elements making the job unfit for our customer’s normal card division. The sales rep saw potential and called NCLA to see if we could help. This airline is one of the largest airline in the United States, worth billions, is profitable, growing, and could grow into a very nice account for our client.


NCLA worked closely with our customer’s sales and estimating team to provide a workflow for the cards, letters, custom teslin die cut pieces, personalization and fulfillment with a competitive estimate to match (only for the work that said client determined was inefficient for their facilities). Eric Diller, of NCLA, went with the client’s sales team to make the presentation to the airline and won the business.*


NCLA works intimately with our client to process data weekly and monthly. Together we mail personalized cards, luggage tags, and letters to the airline’s coveted international and domestic frequent flyers. NCLA set up systems and programs to handle the incoming files, digitally print, die cut, match, affix, insert, seal and mail using a mail comingle service. NCLA carries the inventory, provides reports, and works directly with the airline on appropriate issues.* Our client now has reliable support to grow the business and can go after additional print and mailing services within the airline’s organization. In short, our customer has a brand new, large potential account with huge upward possibilities due to their sales rep’s vision to engage NCLA’s expertise.

“NCLA is phenomenal to work with. They provide solutions to difficult requests, think outside the box, and work like an extension of my own office to make this project a success”.

W.H.Senior Sales Executive, CA

*NCLA, Inc. prides itself on being a committed strategic partner with complete confidentiality regarding all accounts.