Innovative Solution Creates Picture Perfect Results

Our print client works for an on line photography retailer who wanted to send out a self-mailer acquisition package with the perfect enticement offer. The customer had great data and the right offer to attract new customers. The trick was that the self mailer needed a “double-clean release” card, printed 4cp + PMS + Spot UV varnish over black and PMS, one card for the recipient and one for a friend.


The sales rep remembered NCLA could print clean release cards and gave us a call.* We worked with the printer to help design the perfect combination of materials, size and affordability to make the double combo card. Samples were sent for testing and soon the test run was ordered. The printer sent the folded self mailers to us, came in for a press check, and signed off on a great looking double card that met the high expectations of his client. We finished the project on time and on budget.


Success! We have run the job multiple times since that first test run, which can only mean one thing. The response rate is great. Key factors in the success of this program…the sales rep knew who to call, the self mailers coming in on time and packaged cleanly, NCLA’s 175 line screen/4cp printing and PMS color matching, along with our speed and accuracy in printing and affixing. Home Run!!!

I’m sure glad I knew who to call. NCLA has been great from the start. Due to the success of this project, I am in a much better position with my client than before. I am looking to partner with NCLA on other projects for new customers as well.

R.H.Senior Sales Executive, CA

*NCLA, Inc. prides itself on being a committed strategic partner with complete confidentiality regarding all accounts.