Fulfillment on Steroids

A local printer had a customer who wanted to implement a loyalty program that required a card, letter, and thank you card, to be inserted into an envelope, with a multi page brochure. The envelope is placed into a custom carton with a leather portfolio, a pen, then sealed, and shipped via Fed Ex. Lots of hand work , coordination, and careful execution to deliver the high end package as intended.


NCLA was called into action and made the PVC cards, printed the letters, printed the thank you cards and received everything else to be placed securely in our inventory. * We personalized all that we produced, on our HP Indigos, and created a fool proof method for matching, affixing, inserting, fulfilling and shipping the product.


NCLA used the white glove treatment on this one and it showed. Thousands of these packages went out without any issues. The balance of inventory has been used again and again as new orders continue to roll in. What started as a complicated program, soon became just another unique project for NCLA. The key to success…Flexibility. NCLA can do just what you need to provide cards, digital print, matching, affixing and fulfillment like no other.

“NCLA was the best choice for our program. We needed someone to work with us and provide solutions and that is just what they did”.

J.B.Local Print Shop Owner, Southern California

*NCLA, Inc. prides itself on being a committed strategic partner with complete confidentiality regarding all customer accounts.