custom affixing

Packaging & Distribution

NCLA has packaged 1,000,000’s of unique product samples for mass distribution. Cosmetics, lotions, spices, medicines, vitamins, drink mixes, DVD’s, and more

Get your product in the public’s hands.

Samples in the hands of your customers is by far the best way to get them to try it.

  • Cosmetic samples

  • Vitamins

  • Drink mixes

  • Spice packets

  • Lotion packets

  • Sun Screen

  • CDs, DVDs, Thumb Drives for entertaining and informing

  • Design a piece for mass sample distribution and NCLA will come to the rescue

Using our custom engineered equipment, we will package a solution.

We can even plow fold and glue shut your brochure with your one-of-a-kind item tucked neatly inside.

Create your sample distribution project …