Custom Card Printing

Experience + Commitment

Whether you require pressure-sensitive labels in sheets, fan-folded with or without line holes, or on rolls, we have the equipment, the experience and the commitment to make you look good to your clients.

pressure sensitive label

Pressure Sensitive Labels

There’s a reason NCLA is the best trade-only source in the West for pressure-sensitive labels – and it centers around speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. From our 3-color Mark Andy to our 8-color Roto press, we put quality into every job, from start to finish. Here are a few more reasons:

  • PDF and digital water proofs ensure speed and accuracy
  • Presses run at up to 200 line screen with video flash monitoring of the Web for quality control
  • Direct to plate technology that can achieve as low as 1% highlight dots
  • U.V. drying units for smooth, bright flood coats
  • 4-color process with bump colors, spot varnishes and creative vignettes
  • A variety of adhesives is available to match the label with its application

NCLA uses all the necessary substrates, liners, over-laminates and varnishes to protect the print and create a label that will please the visual senses. Custom die cutting, scoring, and perfing complement the customized printing.

piggyback Labels

Piggy Back Labels

As one of the largest trade-only suppliers on the West Coast for piggyback labels, NCLA can help you design the perfect piggyback label to drive your clients’ responses to new levels.

  • An easy “peel and reply” label gets recipients involved in the mail piece
  • A clear mid-ply can reveal another ad message on the form to reinforce the “Yes” decision
  • Custom die shapes can spice up the reply form before and after the recipient removes the top ply

There’s a reason piggyback labels are one of today’s most popular direct mail devices… they boost response!

label affixing

Label Affixing

With more than two dozen customized, high-speed, digital affixing machines, we can apply your labels to sheets, envelopes, letters, brochures or continuous forms with speed and accuracy that’s unmatched in the industry. Multiple affixing heads allow us to apply labels to forms—2-up, 4-up, 6-up or even more—in one pass to help you meet tight deadlines. We can even rotate your labels in any direction you choose.