Go ahead – be creative…

Have you ever had one of those brilliant ideas for a direct marketing

piece, but then couldn’t put all the pieces together so the post office will

deliver it at a reasonable price.

I know you creative types. These moments of brilliance come crashing

down to earth when the nearest postal expert declares, “that will never

go at the presort rate”.

Or just some other cool idea for a luggage tag, window decal, sample

packet or who knows what, but you can’t find a way to get it printed, or

affixed or delivered or all of the above.

Those of you who know me, know where I am going with this. Call us

at NCLA. We create solutions to production problems. Every day.

We love this stuff. And if it’s too crazy an Idea, we will figure that out

too and tell you it can’t be done (but that is pretty rare).

A recent example…a friend and colleague comes to me with an idea for

a luggage tag, that was brought to him by an ad agency. It was

impossible to produce exactly as designed, but with a few minor

tweaks, we could do it. We offered the solution, my customer pitched it

to the agency and it became a very nice order.