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Direct Mail is still alive and kicking…

Direct mail is still one of the most effective ways to reach customers. In fact, direct mail response rates outperform all digital channels combined: 3.2% versus 0.62% with a house list, according to the Direct Marketing Association. So, whether you are looking to reach existing customers or attract new clients, consider the following tips to […]

The answers to your revenue growth questions are found within your sales organization

Today’s sales leaders are under increasing pressure to be more effective, efficient and increase the ROI of the sales force. Many successful leaders are finding the answers with their existing sales organizations. Most sale organizations have their are top performers. the top performers excel because they understand the complete value proposition(s) of a company’s product […]

Major Changes Underway to Sales Strategies

The Internet, digital marketing, marketing automation, CRM, fundamental changes in business structure, and significantly higher customer expectations have made the traditional sales model virtually obsolete. Traditional sales professionals were 2 parts personality and one part knowledge. Historically, product knowledge was unique to the company, therefore handled by internal training, and was the crown jewel of […]

The Beauty of Self Mailers…

Self-Mailers are not what they used to be. With today’s multiple print and personalization options, along with folding and affixing options, your self-mailer can provide huge marketing advantages and drive sales. Let me explain… Generally, self-mailers are self-contained letters and brochures wrapped up into one efficient mail piece. With a little foresight, you can add […]

Who Wants More Customers and Profits?

According to The Loyalty Effect blog, building loyalty with 5% more customers would lead to an increased average profit per customer of between 25% and 100%. You probably know that loyalty cards are a great way to build that relationship with customers, but did you know there are many, many options available to you? Plastic, […]