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New Year, New Possibilities, New Resolutions…

I actually like New Year’s Resolutions. It’s a fresh start and anything is possible. You can re-set your goals and methods with a bright outlook for the coming year. A psychologist friend of mine suggests that to succeed with change, make small corrections in your behavior. If you want to wake up earlier, don’t go […]

Go ahead – be creative…

Have you ever had one of those brilliant ideas for a direct marketing piece, but then couldn’t put all the pieces together so the post office will deliver it at a reasonable price. I know you creative types. These moments of brilliance come crashing down to earth when the nearest postal expert declares, “that will […]

Now… Take a moment and give Thanks

For me, I start with God. For you, its your choice. If you are reading this, you are far better off than the vast majority of the world. We have so many comforts and securities that we lose site of the struggle much of the world faces every day. If you are employed, thank your […]

Labels are Everywhere!

It’s not one of those things we think about at the end of the day. “Gee honey, I saw 5 different labels today.” But if you look around, they are everywhere. There is good reason that pressure sensitive labels are so popular today. They are used in… Packaging Marketing Promotion Print correction Customer involvement Just […]