New Year, New Possibilities, New Resolutions…


I actually like New Year’s Resolutions. It’s a fresh start and anything is possible. You can re-set your goals and methods with a bright outlook for the coming year. A psychologist friend of mine suggests that to succeed with change, make small corrections in your behavior. If you want to wake up earlier, don’t go from 6AM to 4AM. You may last a week. Try 5:30AM instead and set the coffee to go off at 5:15AM so its ready when you hit the kitchen. Exercise is always a good one this time of year. Please don’t try to run a marathon tomorrow. I made a drunken New Years Eve resolution to run a marathon many, many years ago. My first jog was about 1.5 miles and I was exhausted (and I was slow). I kept it up for 6 months starting in January and ran the Palos Verdes Marathon in June. Finished in 3:37 minutes. Did I say that was a very long time ago?
So for 2016 my resolution is to provide better service to my customers. I will be more responsive and helpful and offer my 30+ years of experience to each and every situation. If you need anything regarding Cards, Labels, Affixing, Finishing, Fulfillment or Mailing, please let me know.
Happy New Year Everyone. May 2016 be your best ever.