The Beauty of Self Mailers…

Self-Mailers are not what they used to be. With today’s multiple print and personalization options, along with folding and affixing options, your self-mailer can provide huge marketing advantages and drive sales.

Let me explain…

Generally, self-mailers are self-contained letters and brochures wrapped up into one efficient mail piece. With a little foresight, you can add response devices, coupon cards, special offers and more.

Just follow a few simple rules from the USPS (sounds like an oxymoron to me) and you can create exceptional, sales generating marketing pieces that get the customers attention and draw them into action.

  • Affix membership cards to encourage registrations
  • Attach sample packets for trial usage
  • Perf off coupons to drive store traffic
  • Peal and reveal labels for winners and discounts
  • Stocks, varnishes, die cuts can be used to create the right effect
  • Wafer sealed or glued shut for postal processing

Get creative and give me a call. We love to help people create unusual and effective mail pieces.