Who Wants More Customers and Profits?

According to The Loyalty Effect blog, building loyalty with 5% more customers would lead to an increased average profit per customer of between 25% and 100%.

You probably know that loyalty cards are a great way to build that relationship with customers, but did you know there are many, many options available to you?

  • Plastic, paper, thick, thin, clean release, double or triple size cards
  • Digital, flexo or conventional printing process for production
  • Personalized or generic cards
  • If personalized, mag strip encoded?

Lots to think about…

You want to be careful because Loyalty programs can be costly to implement. They can also be very rewarding, both short term and especially long term, if you set them up for success.

And now for distribution…

  • Mailing is the most common but you can also
  • Distribute from the store(s)
  • Provide on line sign up and fulfillment
  • Do the 2-Step program and mail a generic paper card, then give them a personalized plastic card at point of purchase

Once again, there are many, many options, so choose wisely. Think about your situation and what works best for you and your client base. Then go for it. Try a test. Test a few options. Marketing is not a perfect science, so testing is imperative. Track your results then go for it and watch your customers and profits increase.

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