Go ahead – be creative…

Have you ever had one of those brilliant ideas for a direct marketing

piece, but then couldn’t put all the pieces together so the post office will

deliver it at a reasonable price.

I know you creative types. These moments of brilliance come crashing

down to earth when the nearest postal expert declares, “that will never

go at the presort rate”.

Or just some other cool idea for a luggage tag, window decal, sample

packet or who knows what, but you can’t find a way to get it printed, or

affixed or delivered or all of the above.

Those of you who know me, know where I am going with this. Call us

at NCLA. We create solutions to production problems. Every day.

We love this stuff. And if it’s too crazy an Idea, we will figure that out

too and tell you it can’t be done (but that is pretty rare).

A recent example…a friend and colleague comes to me with an idea for

a luggage tag, that was brought to him by an ad agency. It was

impossible to produce exactly as designed, but with a few minor

tweaks, we could do it. We offered the solution, my customer pitched it

to the agency and it became a very nice order.



Now… Take a moment and give Thanks

For me, I start with God. For you, its your choice. If you are reading

this, you are far better off than the vast majority of the world. We have

so many comforts and securities that we lose site of the struggle much

of the world faces every day.

If you are employed, thank your boss. If you are the boss, thank your

employees. If you are married, thank your significant other. If you have

parents, thank them. If you have kids, thank them. Get the point? Yes

we all have things to gripe about, but focus on what you have to be

thankful for, and the negatives don’t seem so bad.

Make it a habit to have and show gratitude. Not just the 4th Thursday in

November, but all year long.

Labels are Everywhere!

It’s not one of those things we think about at the end of the day. “Gee honey, I saw 5 different labels today.” But if you look around, they are everywhere. There is good reason that pressure sensitive labels are so popular today. They are used in…

  • Packaging
  • Marketing
  • Promotion
  • Print correction
  • Customer involvement

Just take packaging for instance. Enter any retail establishment and you are surrounded by them. In marketing, labels may be a little less obvious, but keep your eyes open.

Static Clings, post it style notes, floor displays, peel and reveals, scratch off…yup. Those are all labels.

So get the creative juices flowing and add a peel and reveal label on your next self-mailer. It will draw the reader into your message.

Add a post it style note to the catalog page you want to highlight.

Add a reflective foil label to add some pizazz to your next envelope package.

And don’t forget that pressure sensitive labels come in materials from white offset to holographic foil and everything in between. Add to that the unlimited shapes and sizes available and you have a creative dream come true.

And for the pragmatist, there are adhesive choices from repositionable up to heavy duty permanent so you can even choose your labels life span (sort of).

I realize that I am going on and on about labels, but you might just say that I am stuck on them.

Contact us at NCLA for suggestions. We love to help you sell more.

The Beauty of Self Mailers…

Self-Mailers are not what they used to be. With today’s multiple print and personalization options, along with folding and affixing options, your self-mailer can provide huge marketing advantages and drive sales.

Let me explain…

Generally, self-mailers are self-contained letters and brochures wrapped up into one efficient mail piece. With a little foresight, you can add response devices, coupon cards, special offers and more.

Just follow a few simple rules from the USPS (sounds like an oxymoron to me) and you can create exceptional, sales generating marketing pieces that get the customers attention and draw them into action.

  • Affix membership cards to encourage registrations
  • Attach sample packets for trial usage
  • Perf off coupons to drive store traffic
  • Peal and reveal labels for winners and discounts
  • Stocks, varnishes, die cuts can be used to create the right effect
  • Wafer sealed or glued shut for postal processing

Get creative and give me a call. We love to help people create unusual and effective mail pieces.

Who Wants More Customers and Profits?

According to The Loyalty Effect blog, building loyalty with 5% more customers would lead to an increased average profit per customer of between 25% and 100%.

You probably know that loyalty cards are a great way to build that relationship with customers, but did you know there are many, many options available to you?

  • Plastic, paper, thick, thin, clean release, double or triple size cards
  • Digital, flexo or conventional printing process for production
  • Personalized or generic cards
  • If personalized, mag strip encoded?

Lots to think about…

You want to be careful because Loyalty programs can be costly to implement. They can also be very rewarding, both short term and especially long term, if you set them up for success.

And now for distribution…

  • Mailing is the most common but you can also
  • Distribute from the store(s)
  • Provide on line sign up and fulfillment
  • Do the 2-Step program and mail a generic paper card, then give them a personalized plastic card at point of purchase

Once again, there are many, many options, so choose wisely. Think about your situation and what works best for you and your client base. Then go for it. Try a test. Test a few options. Marketing is not a perfect science, so testing is imperative. Track your results then go for it and watch your customers and profits increase.

If you need Cards and Creative Fulfillment Solutions – Contact NCLA, the intelligent source